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OCFP proposes simplifying processes for foreign-trained physicians

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The Ontario College of Family Physicians puts forward that:

In April (2022), the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) launched the “Life Without a Doctor” campaign to raise awareness regarding the growing shortage of family physicians in Ontario and to propose solutions to this crisis.

Canada ranks 23rd out of 32 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries in doctor-to-population ratio. According to Statistics Canada, 1.3 million Ontarians do not have access to a family doctor. This is expected to worsen with the province’s growing and aging population and COVID related backlogs. Furthermore, fewer medical graduates are pursuing family medicine, more doctors are retiring every year and physicians are facing an increased rate of burnout since COVID.

Proposed solutions:

The OCFP proposed three solutions to the Ontario Government to ensure that all Ontarians have equitable access to a family doctor:

  1. Ensure Ontarians have a family doctor working alongside a team, so patients can get the help they need faster.

  2. Improve the accessibility of care by increasing the time that family doctors can spend providing direct patient care.

  3. Ensure every Ontarian has a family doctor by recruiting and retaining more family doctors within the province.


How does it affect ITPs:

In an effort to recruit more family doctors, the OCFP proposed simplifying the process for foreign-trained family physicians to start practicing in the Ontario primary care sector. They consider this to be an efficient and effective way to expand their workforce. This will not only increase access to care for Ontarians and help the OCFP meet the soaring demand but will also help ensure a brighter future for ITPs.


To read the full policy proposal visit:

Summarized by: Dr. Marwah Saeed (PAR committee volunteer)

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