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Skill for Change : Health Informatics Bridging Program

The Health Informatics Bridging Program at Skills for Change is for internationally trained newcomers. This program serves immigrant newcomers with a background in healthcare or the IT sector. With this program they will gain the knowledge and experience they need for a rewarding career in the field of Health Informatics.



  • English proficiency: CLB 7+ or IELTS 6+

  • Relevant background: Post-secondary degree in healthcare or IT field

  • Work experience in healthcare or IT field outside of Canada (3+ years)

  • Immigration status: Permanent Resident, Conventional Refugee


  • Dedicated training lab;

  • One-on-one support with a career specialist;

  • Career search reference;

  • Hidden job market employment leads;

  • Internet access for job search and applications;

  • Access to a quiet space for individual work;

  • Job search materials: daily newspapers, access to telephone and fax machine.

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