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I am an International Medical Graduate, who recently moved to Ontario, Canada, on a journey to become a licensed medical practitioner where I am able to apply my knowledge and skills gained throughout the past years.

I graduated from Medical University of Lodz in Poland in 2020 after finishing all the requirements which included a year of rotations across a few university hospitals in Lodz. Then, I moved back to Lebanon and I got my license to practice Medicine there.

For the past year, I worked as a general practitioner with Humedica International Aid Organization, giving medical care and psychosocial support to refugees at several informal tented settlements across Lebanon. This experience was so different than working in the hospitals and it made me develop as a physician in so many aspects. To work with limited resources allowed me to practice my medical knowledge vastly and develop a fast paced thinking and acting strategy to help patients in need. I was delivering healthcare and psychosocial, mental support to people within their trusted environments, giving awareness sessions on how to conduct a healthy, active lifestyle in order to reduce the rate of diseases and social issues. This has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of my job there.

Currently, I am looking to start my career journey here in Canada. I am eager to challenge myself in a new field of work, mainly doing research while preparing for my licensing exams (MCCQE). I am excited and determined to go after what I love, to practice medicine and be able to help and contribute to build a peaceful, well-governed and secure society where encouraging healthy, active populations and reducing rates of disease would be a main aim and target.

Sarah Shehade

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