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In 2021 ITPO was established by internationally trained physicians (ITPs) and international medical graduates  (IMGs)  in Ontario to support fellow ITPs and IMGs all over Canada.

We recognize the obstacles and we innovate ways to help the members.

What we have done so far

  • Cracking the CARMS - Specialty specific sessions on how passed ITPs matched 

  • Besides the CARMS - Alternative routes to licensure

  • Between the CARMS - How to improve your cv between the match cycle.

  • Slack community meeting ITPs across Canada

We represent members at the table with key stakeholders in the government and medical bodies to discuss issues and policies that align with our advocacies.

  • ITPO has become official Community Partners with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship on the #EqualChance campaign.

  • ITPO #MPPChats helped the creation of Bill 98 An Act to establish a framework for the recognition of internationally trained and educated workers in Ontario

It will take an ITP community to promote an ITP friendly policy.  You can help our community grow. Join us


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