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At ITPO we recognise the difficult path ahead for international medical graduates as well as internationally trained physicians in Canada. We value the diversity of experiences that internationally trained physicians (ITPs) bring to the table. We believe they can enrich the Canadian health system and improve the healthcare experience for Canadian patients who belong to diverse and varied communities and cultures. If you are a newly immigrated physician to Canada with previous experience, a new international medical graduate in Canada, or a practising IMG physician we want to help you achieve your fullest potential.

Whether it is introducing a Practice Ready Assessment program (for ITPs) in Ontario, or having your concerns heard by those in influential positions; we aim to provide a unified voice to help YOU achieve your goals and help YOU have a seat at the table for issues and policies which affect YOU and the Canadian public at large.


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Directors of ITPO

Fortissimi Una | Stronger Together 


ITPO aspires to provide internationally trained physicians (ITPs) and international medical graduates (IMGs) opportunities to make a comprehensive contribution to the Canadian Healthcare System. In line with the Canadian principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, we strive to leverage the skills and expertise of ITPs to ensure access to high standard medical care for all Canadians wherever they live. 

Doctor's Desk
Doctor's Desk


  • Internationally Trained Physicians of Ontario (ITPO) is a formalised not for profit body of representation for IMGs. 

  • Propose innovative ways to facilitate the incorporation of the ITPs/IMGs into the healthcare system commensurate with their expertise and in accordance with Canadian medical standards.

  • Representation at the table with key stakeholders including federal, provincial and local governments and medical bodies, as well as the general public and national and international media. 

  • Provide practical support to ITPs/IMGs at every stage of licensure, including recent medical graduates and newcomer physicians to help formulate solutions to facilitate the process of licensure. 

  • Support internationally trained physicians who are currently training and/or practising within the Canadian healthcare system. 

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