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Professional Development Webinars

Find recordings of the Before the CaRMS, Cracking the CaRMS, Between the CaRMS and Besides the CaRMS webinar series. All geared at helping you toward licensure in Canada! Enjoy!

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ITPO's Exclusive Communications Resource

We have collaborated with mariA. think outside the box MED.ucation to provide exclusive offers to ITPO members who may need one-on-one or small group session support with reviewing their CVs, personal letters and also with interview prep.

We have chosen who we collaborate with carefully and Maria’s integrity and dedication with her years of experience working with ITPs is the reason we are confident that her services will be beneficial and in keeping with our values and mission at ITPO. 

These offers are available to ITPO members only. When you click below you will ask to login if you are already a member or sign up for free!

#EqualChance Campaign

ITPO has become official Community Partners with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship on the #EqualChance campaign. Despite having met the Canadian standards, internationally trained physicians (ITPs) face undue barriers when trying to practice medicine in Canada. The ICC is launching its #EqualChance campaign, aimed at raising awareness and building support to remove these barriers. 

This campaign is now complete. You may select learn more to view the archived material.

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