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Dr. Joanna Walters

Vice Chair of the Board; Director of Public Relations; Research Manager

Dr. Joanna Walters

Country of Origin: Jamaica
Medical School: University of the West Indies
Current position: Family Medicine Resident (PGY1), University of Western Ontario
Other Qualifications: MPH

The reason I co-founded ITPO was to be able to advocate for change for all ITPs. I did a social justice course during my MPH which led to my interest in advocacy and also gaining knowledge in how to advocate for system level changes. This led me to meet the other co-founders of ITPO who were also passionate about change!

I want all ITPs to have an equitable pathway to licensure in Canada so that they can contribute to the healthcare system in ways equivalent to their level of training and clinical experience.

The Proudest ITPO moment so far for me is getting funding from the WES Mariam Assefa fund so that ITPO can continue to provide free resources to all members!

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