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Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown

Chair of the Board; Director of Operations

Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown

Country of Origin: Trinidad and Tobago
Medical School: University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
Medical Areas of Interest: Paediatrics, Anaesthesia
Other Qualifications: MBA, PMP, PhD in Administration (Candidate)

I was asked to join the board of ITPO very soon after it formed. I joined because it was an organisation that aimed to fight for doctors to continue being doctors. I've always been someone with a strong and bold voice and it only seems fitting that those who are able to use their voices effectively, use it for good. Advocating for doctors to have their rightful place to help in society as doctors is a good cause!

ITPO has been a labour of love and has grown exponentially in a short time. We work hard and are very motivated because of the wonderful team we have and the amazing ITPO members who volunteer their time and effort to keep ITPO moving. This includes our resident and fully licensed ITPO members who give back to the ITP community every year.

I feel proud that ITPO is now known as a source of reliable data and information on ITPs, that can inform ITP friendly policy. We endeavour to continue building out our Policy, Advocacy and Research arm.

Our mission is simple- ensure that doctors remain practicing doctors when they immigrate to Canada. We bring free resources to ITPs as well as advocate, research and collaborate with health stakeholders to this end. We aim to have have a health system in which ITPs are seamlessly integrated to care for the Canadian population.

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