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The ITP on the Journey

Choose this category if you are NOT licensed to practice medicine in Canada. That is, you are not a resident in a Canadian residency program, not in an alternative licensing program and do not have an independent licence to practice in Canada

At ITPO we know exactly how challenging, long, exhausting, unfair and scary the ITP journey to licensure is.


We hope to make that journey a more manageable one, all while trying to make significant changes to the system.


Join us to take advantage of our free resources and advocacy opportunities!

ITPO has several innovative webinar series, aimed at getting you information from those that have gone before you. As a member you can register freely for 

  1. Cracking the CaRMS

  2. Cracking the CaRMS Practical Prep

  3. Between the CaRMS

  4. Besides the CaRMS

By becoming a member you get to join the ITPO ITPs Slack Platform! On this platform you will find so many other ITPs just like you. Ask your questions and you will get answers. We are friendly and all work together as a team!

You can find the Slack link in your welcome email after you sign up! If not, contact us to join!

ITPO partners with organisations to give ITPO members discounts on CV prep, Personal Letter prep other exam preparation resources, and more! Become a member and take advantage of these deals!

As a member, if you miss a webinar you never have to worry. We try to record all webinars as much as is possible so you can review them at any time!

Volunteering for a cause and showing leadership is always beneficial for your CV. Do you want to help other ITPs? Join one of our 3 committees

  1. Recruitment and Engagement Committee (R and E) that deals with social media campaigns

  2. Professional Resources Committee (PRC) that helps bring resources to ITPs

  3. Policy, Advocacy and Research Committee (PAR) that gathers and analyses data to help the ITP cause and run advocacy campaigns.

If you'd like to join a committee, contact us! ​

We try to provide as many free resources as possible, including exam prep! Get focused preparation for the NAC from our ITPO NOP and our MCCQE1 resources are on the way! Stay Tuned!

Do you want to raise your voice about ITP issues? Do you have an issue that you would like addressed? Do you have ideas for advocacy campaigns? ITPO is the place to be! You can check out our latest advocacy activity here. 

It will take an ITP community to promote an ITP friendly policy.  You can help our community grow. Join us!

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