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New Licensing Pathway in Nova Scotia


College of Physicians and Surgoens of Nova Scotia has developed a new streamlined approach to license physicians who have been trained outside of Canada. The Medical Act requires physicians trained outside of Canada to practise under a Defined Licence and undergo supervision.

A Defined licence is a time-limited, conditional licence that is issued to: Physicians who do not have the qualifications for a Full or Restricted licence but who wish to practise medicine independently while pursuing the necessary qualifications for one of those licence types; or to Physicians entering a College-approved Clinical Fellowship Program.

According to the College Once a physician obtains a Defined Licence, the streamlined approach will:

  1. Provide a new comprehensive and collaborative orientation program for physicians ​​to support their integration into Canadian medical practice.

  2. Reduce the required time period for physician to practice under subversion from 60 months to minimum 6 months and maximum 24 months

  3. After minimum 6 months supervision physicians will have option to ,

  • Obtain long-term independent restricted license without certification:

( Restricted licence entails,

  • Restricted to the location of supervised practice.

  • Restricted to a scope of practice consistent with competence demonstrated while under supervision. )

  • Obtain Full license during six month or after supervision period by receiving pass-standing on certification exam.

( The requirement for Royal College certification is waived for candidates in the Royal College Practice Eligibility Route (PER) who have achieved a pass standing in the certification examinations.)

Read more about

Defined license requirements :

- Summarized by Dr. Prachi Patel (volunteer)

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