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Response Statement

Statement Response to “Health Human Resource Policy Recommendations: Summary”. Internationally Trained Physicians of Ontario (ITPO) is a non-profit, volunteer and physician-led organization that aims to represent international medical graduates (IMGs) within Ontario and Canada. We currently hold approximately 1300 members over several provinces.

ITPO supports the Health Human Resource Policy Recommendation Summary presented to the House of Commons, on April 14th, 2022, by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

ITPO fully endorses recommendation number six, "Training and Licensing for IMGs and IENS," which suggests an investment of 3.2 billion dollars for aggregating internationally trained doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners into healthcare practice. We also compliment the CMA, CNA and CFPC for recognizing the current systemic racism towards internationally educated practitioners in the system and the suggested allocation of resources to eradicate it.

ITPO believes that taking stands on pertinent policy matters and promoting those positions are essential to advance Internationally Trained Physicians' opportunities and roles in the system and, subsequently, expand Canadians' access to quality healthcare. Multiple stakeholders from the Canadian healthcare system, and, therefore, we hope that all relevant bodies will take a stand and actively participate and operate towards our common goal.


ITPO Board of Directors |

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