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Residents and Practicing ITPs in Canada

Choose this category if you ARE licensed to practice medicine in Canada. That is, you ARE a resident in a Canadian residency program (or incoming), or you ARE in an alternative licensing program (PRA, MLPIMG etc) or you HAVE an independent license to practice in Canada

Welcome to ITPO! Here we try to provide a community and resources for ITPs at any stage in their career! 

We're happy to have you! This community will serve your needs. You tell us what you need, and we will try to make it happen! See some of what you can benefit from below!

PGY1 Welcome to Residency

PGY-1s will have access to ITP residents that have gone before them to ask any questions and learn from their experience


The ITPO- Resident and Practicing ITP Slack is a safe space. There are no stupid questions! Ask anything you want and give advice too!

Technical Tips

It doesn't hurt to get some insights into the tricks of the trade in your specialty, guidance on procedures, on administrative responsibilities and on how to get the best vacation time!

Residency Continues

We aim to provide anything that will help you during residency. Do you need basic research guidance? Do you need to know about what career path to take? We will provide you with experts to help you along the way!

Out into the World

When the time comes for Independent practice ITPO is happy to make organisational connections that support your preferred placement within the community. 

Board Exam Support

When we get to those all important Board exams, who better to help you than those that have also passed through them!

Pass it On

ITPs often wonder how they can give back to others and help others just as they were helped. ITPO provides you with the opportunity to give back without any pressure and on your own time. 

It will take an ITP community to promote an ITP friendly policy.  You can help our community grow. Join us!

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